Excellent dog boarding facilities in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Give your dog the love and attention it needs, with regular walks and playtimes, while you are away! Get in touch with Puddledub Kennels & Cattery for our dog boarding facilities in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Professionally-managed dog kennels.

Each dog kennel consists of an indoor and outdoor run for each dog or family. These remain open during the day to allow them free access. Every dog is taken out for a short walk on the lead, twice daily, within our premises and playtimes whilst in their kennel. We put them in the kennels at night and set the temperature of the heaters accordingly to keep them warm and cosy throughout.
We ensure they are fed on time with the food that they enjoy at home. If your pet is on a specialist diet, we're happy to look after it, although we suggest providing food from home in some cases. We also tend to your pet's medical needs. Talk to a member of our team for information on special diets and medicated food.
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We insist on dogs being fully vaccinated before they board with us, and that you display their vaccination card during entry. We suggest bringing familiar bedding and toys, if possible, which can help your dog settle down with us quickly and easily. An insurance policy that covers your pet ensures that it is given timely treatment and attention by veterinary specialists, if needed.

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  • Very small dogs i.e Yorkies £12.50/day
  • Small dogs i.e Westie £13.50/day
  • Medium dogs i.e Collies £14.50/day
  • Large dogs i.e Labradors £15.50/day
  • Very large dogs i.e GSDs £16.00/day
  • Cats £9.50/day
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Our collection and delivery service is available ranging from £30 - £50 depending on distance.

To be noted

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    We accept pets for both long and short stays.

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    We're open all round the year and offer services during the New Year and Christmas as well.

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    We keep our services closed for a week in November for necessary maintenance work.

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    As boarding during school holidays tends to get busy, we suggest that pet owners book well in advance. 

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    Every dog is taken out for a walk twice a day, on a lead within the premises.

We provide professionally-managed dog kennels.

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